Foreign language news desks integrated into starting Wednesday

Foreign language news desks integrated into starting Wednesday

One year after the VRT NWS website was thoroughly renewed the foreign language news pages of the Flemish public broadcaster VRT too are getting a new look and feel.  In order to give users a great experience the English, French and German desks are being fully integrated into  The websites can now also be consulted on smartphones and tablets in all comfort. (English), (French) and (German) will retain their familiar names.  The websites are intended for non-Dutch-speaking readers in Belgium and beyond.  They are also often used in language lessons in Flemish secondary schools.

The foreign language websites of VRT NWS help to make an international audience more familiar with Flanders and form part of a long VRT tradition of providing information for non-Dutch-speakers, a task entrusted to the Flemish public broadcaster in its charter.

The work of our foreign language journalists consists of more than simply translating articles published on the Dutch language platform.  The foreign language desks have access to all the know-how and expertise of VRT NWS and present our news in context and tailored to the individual needs of their audiences.

All websites include pages on politics, sports, culture and the economy.  Reports on major news stories like the recent Liege attack appear in all three languages on the foreign language websites.

The focus of the English and German desks is on Belgian and Flemish news, while the French desk is also keen to home in on Flemish news that does not routinely appear in Belgium’s Francophone media.  Every week, the videocast ‘Quoi de neuf en Flandre’ with VRT’s political editor Ivan De Vadder sheds light on big issues on the political landscape in Flanders.


Anne Stroobants
Head of Communications VRT NWS

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